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Michigan Daily prints Viewpoint on Police Brutality

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"Council may ban anti-Israel activist:

"Protester arrested, may face charges"

"Council may ban anti-Israel activist:"
"Protester arrested, may face charges"

"ANN ARBOR NEWS" (Michigan)

December 5, 2006,

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Anti-Israel activist Blaine Coleman was arrested Monday night after he walked into an ongoing Ann Arbor City Council meeting carrying a sign that read "F--- Israel" and stood in front of a group of visiting Boy Scouts from Lawton Elementary School.

Coleman was quickly approached by Ann Arbor Police Lt. Mike Logghe, and was physically led out after he resisted leaving the meeting.

Coleman shouted that the Cohen vs. California Supreme Court case allowed him to carry the sign.

It was the second time in the last five days that Coleman has been arrested for disruptive behavior. He was among three people arrested after police said they ignored warnings to stop disrupting a speaker at the University of Michigan on Thursday evening.

Coleman, who is Jewish, has a history of disrupting council meetings with his criticism of Israel and its treatment of Palestinians. But his conduct has stepped up recently in the four years he's been speaking before the City Council trying to get the city to pass a resolution urging the United States to divest from Israel.

Logghe said Coleman was arrested and later released. Possible charges will be reviewed by the city attorney, and could include accusations of disorderly conduct and disturbing a public meeting, Logghe said.

"Clearly, he was instructed to leave and refused," Logghe said. "I took hold of him and removed him from the council chambers."

After Coleman was led away, several council members said it may be time to consider banning him from future meetings for a specified period of time. They said the council rules would give them that power.

Council Member Wendy Woods, D-5th Ward, said she would consider such action.

"He's gone past the point of decency," Woods said. "They (the public) don't need to see that junk."

During a break in the meeting, Council Member Bob Johnson said he wouldn't consider banning Coleman, but Mayor John Hieftje said that option should be open.

"I don't know, Bob," Hieftje said. "If you have someone disrupt your meeting every time, why not prevent him from coming?"

"That's a reasonable argument," Johnson said.

The council made no decision on Coleman on Monday.

Coleman referred to a 1968 case in which Paul Robert Cohen was arrested for disturbing the peace by offensive conduct. He was wearing a jacket that had "F--- the draft" written on it while he was in the corridor of a Los Angeles courthouse. The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the appellate court's ruling upholding the conviction.

But City Attorney Stephen Postema said while having a profane sign in public may be allowed, it wouldn't be inside a courtroom or in a City Council meeting where different standards apply.

When contacted after his release from police custody, Coleman wouldn't comment other than to repeat his accusations against Israel.

"Israel is killing Palestine and Lebanon, and is trying to kill Iran, too.

"That's why City Council has a duty to divest from that racist state of Israel now.

"Look, Israel just dropped 1 million cluster bombs on Lebanon last summer."

--Tom Gantert can be reached at or 734-994-6701.

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Bloody Force Used against Peaceful Questioners, as Zionists Push for Destruction of Iran.

Anti-war advocates are arrested, hospitalized.

At the University of Michigan:
Divestment advocate in police custody, in the hospital, with head injury and bloody nose.
See video at:

In the "Michigan Daily", December 4, 2006:

* No arrests at Purdue University, even though student sweatshop protestors occupied a University administration office and chained themselves together at the neck to prevent the police from moving them. (See "Daily" article at )

* But 3 peaceful Palestine advocates are brutally arrested (with at least one hospitalized) at a University of Michigan speech, during the question-and-answer period, for daring to question a Zionist event's drive for war on Iran. The arrests occurred well after the conclusion of the speech itself. (See "Daily" article at )

Note: the University of Michigan requires that even hecklers be protected during campus speeches. And the University officially forbids "suppression of the usual range of human reactions commonly displayed by an audience during heated discussions of controversial topics." (See the University of Michigan Standard Practice Guide, at )

More details, on those November 30th arrests...

Faced with over a dozen audience members who opposed war on Iran, Zionists created an atmosphere of panic, often interrupting their own event with "warnings", and surrounding themselves with University police.

The Zionist "warnings" threatened to have the police remove Palestine advocates who had RAISED THEIR HANDS and BEEN CALLED ON TO SPEAK, after their first few seconds of trying to ask questions DURING THE QUESTION PERIOD.

At no time did any question or comment from the audience prevent the speaker from calling upon more questioners, or from answering their questions.

At no time did any audience member put their hands on anyone.

Visibly taking their commands from Zionist students, the police suddenly pounced on a darker-complexioned audience member, as she sat silently in her chair.

The police knocked her to the ground, threw their weight on her, twisted her arms tortuously, and arrested her. As audience members verbally expressed their panic, police physically tortured more, and arrested more, sending at least one audience member to the hospital.

Police were videotaped expressing a desire to "Nuke 'em all".

Campus Zionists used University of Michigan police to break up this peaceful anti-war vigil outside the Michigan League, November 30, 2006.

University of Michigan policy allows display of signs during campus speaker events.
This sign was displayed before the event started.

Peaceful Palestine advocate, after campus Zionists and campus police are finished with him.

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"Anyone genuinely concerned with the Palestinians’ plight should work toward divestment from Israel..."

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"Opinion: Students should be proud for challenging hate speech"

by Michael Stauch
Anti-Racist Action

Published in: THE SOUTH END
Wayne State University student newspaper
Detroit, Michigan

November 30, 2006

On the Web at:

"The students of Wayne State University should take a moment today to give themselves a well-deserved pat on the back. On Nov. 15, Itamar Marcus, founder and director of Palestinian Media Watch, gave a presentation on WSU’s campus about Palestinian media. The audience sat quietly and patiently, with some people scribbling notes, as Marcus presented for over an hour his analysis of Palestinian media under the Palestinian Authority.

"In the Nov. 16 issue of The South End, Students for Israel’s Tova Schreiber claimed that those of us who asked pointed questions of Marcus after his presentation, “did not help the Palestinian cause.” We in Anti Racist Action (ARA) could not disagree more! In fact, we believe we, and everyone else who confronted Marcus, did the “Palestinian cause” a great service in raising our questions and concerns, and not allowing him to sidetrack us with arbitrary “statistics” and polls.

"Both Marcus and the moderator of the event, Frederic Pearson, tried to control the situation, tried to silence us as we insisted to have our questions answered, and to hold this man accountable to the ideas - white supremacy and colonialism - he admits he adheres to. They failed. We would not be contained. WSU students can proudly say we didn’t allow hate speech to go unchallenged on our campus. This is a great victory for the Palestinian cause, as racist, slanderous accusations about the Palestinian people were challenged and defeated.

"At the event, about fifteen students asked Marcus questions. Only three of those questions could be considered “friendly.” Everyone who wanted to ask a question was allowed, and Marcus answered every question asked of him. Wayne State students should be proud that such is the balance on our campus. But rather than admitting that Zionism isn’t “mainstream,” but rather racist extremism, Zionists have to falsify events. They say not that they were outnumbered four or five to one at the event, but that “lengthy outbursts” prevented “students with legitimate questions” from asking them. This is nonsense. Anyone that was there knows it. Furthermore, the audience members who were opposed to Marcus and Zionism asked very legitimate and valid questions.

"One such question was this: since both Israelis and Palestinians bring their children up to “defend” their land, and teach their young people to die for their country, why does Marcus condemn the colonized for teaching their young people to fight colonialism with all they have, but not condemn the colonizer, Israel, for teaching its young people to murder and humiliate Palestinians in the name of colonialism? Marcus had no answer. He cited a lot of opinion polls about “democracy” and literacy rates and other irrelevant nonsense. But the question remained: why did he condemn anti-colonial rebellion, but not colonialism?

"In an era when the majority of the world has rejected colonialism, and people like Nelson Mandela are remembered as anti-colonial heroes, this man stood in front of Wayne State students and declared himself firmly in support of colonialism! He got the reception he deserved.

"Another claim was made in Schreiber’s editorial. She said that, “people like Salam and other ARA members have taken advantage of the Palestinians’ genuine plight, and have used it as a mask to conceal their hatred of Israel.

"And by shouting down a Jewish speaker because of who he is, they revealed themselves to be racists.” It amazes me that a racist who wants either to cleanse all Palestinians from the land (in the case of the right-wing Zionists) or simply administer apartheid “more humanely” (as in the case of the liberal Zionist) can pretend to any sympathy for the Palestinians’ “genuine plight.”

"Anyone genuinely concerned with the Palestinians’ plight should work toward divestment from Israel and the ultimate goal of dismantling the apartheid, colonial-settler state of Israel and replacing it with a single, democratic polity where Jews and Arabs can live side by side as equals. Unless one has the courage to oppose the state of Israel in spite of all the slanderous accusations this opens a person up to, one cannot claim to be “on the side of” the Palestinians.

"By supporting Israel in any way, one betrays the Palestinian people with every breath. Furthermore, this sentiment exposes a Zionist trick ARA continually warns people to be wary of: the attempt to equate Jewish identity with the state and ruling class of Israel. Let me clarify. We did not “shout down” Marcus because he is Jewish. That would be anti-Semitic. We, and others, “shouted him down” because he is a racist apologist of the colonial-settler, apartheid state of Israel. Yet Schreiber attempts to equate an attack on the hate speech of a racist Zionist with that of a Jew with no interest in or sympathy for Zionism! To Jews who feel attacked when ARA exposes the racist state of Israel, we have some very simple advice: stop identifying with a racist state and you will no longer feel attacked. Identify instead with the long, proud tradition of Jewish resistance to colonialism, anti-Semitism, and racism that ARA always emphasizes. Work with us to replace the state of Israel with a single, democratic polity where Jews and Arabs can live side by side as equals.

"The fact that Zionists can only defend themselves by intentionally misrepresenting the Nov. 15 event should be telling. Zionism has no future. It sustains itself by lying and distorting the truth. The days of Israeli apartheid and colonialism are numbered. With luck and great determination, we will see a just and equitable peace in the Middle East in our lifetimes."

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Cornell protestors chant "long live the Intifada", as Peres speaks

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On April 18, 1996, the Israeli military, under Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, bombed a very well-known United Nations facility in the village of Qana, Lebanon.
Around 800 helpless Lebanese refugees sought shelter there, thinking the U.N. would protect them.
Israel killed 106 of these refugees; about 116 more were injured. Four Fijian United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon soldiers were also seriously injured.

"Israeli Vice Premier visits Cornell"

Updated: 11/29/2006 5:29 AM
By: Evan Axelbank
NEWS 10 (Channel 10 TV News; Central New York)

Full article on the Web at:

Click on video camera icon, under "Watch the Video", to see the "Free Palestine" banner, and the protesters chanting outside.

Excerpt from that NEWS 10 article:

"...Shimon Peres, Israeli Vice Premier and 1994 Nobel Peace Prize winner, said he was optimistic about the recent Israeli-offered ceasefire. He presented the struggles in the Middle East as a new kind of battle.

" 'It's not a clash among cultures, or even religions, it's a clash among generations,' Peres said.

"Inside, heard loud applause. But outside, he was greeted by the screams of anti-Israeli protestors.

"They chanted 'long live the Intifada,' and didn't miss the chance to be within shouting distance of the Israeli Vice Premier.

"Rebekah Ward, a Cornell graduate student, said, 'It's very exciting for us to have this opportunity to let everyone know who is going to listen to Shimon Peres speak, to hear the other side of the story...'


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