Monday, December 04, 2006


Bloody Force Used against Peaceful Questioners, as Zionists Push for Destruction of Iran.

Anti-war advocates are arrested, hospitalized.

At the University of Michigan:
Divestment advocate in police custody, in the hospital, with head injury and bloody nose.
See video at:

In the "Michigan Daily", December 4, 2006:

* No arrests at Purdue University, even though student sweatshop protestors occupied a University administration office and chained themselves together at the neck to prevent the police from moving them. (See "Daily" article at )

* But 3 peaceful Palestine advocates are brutally arrested (with at least one hospitalized) at a University of Michigan speech, during the question-and-answer period, for daring to question a Zionist event's drive for war on Iran. The arrests occurred well after the conclusion of the speech itself. (See "Daily" article at )

Note: the University of Michigan requires that even hecklers be protected during campus speeches. And the University officially forbids "suppression of the usual range of human reactions commonly displayed by an audience during heated discussions of controversial topics." (See the University of Michigan Standard Practice Guide, at )

More details, on those November 30th arrests...

Faced with over a dozen audience members who opposed war on Iran, Zionists created an atmosphere of panic, often interrupting their own event with "warnings", and surrounding themselves with University police.

The Zionist "warnings" threatened to have the police remove Palestine advocates who had RAISED THEIR HANDS and BEEN CALLED ON TO SPEAK, after their first few seconds of trying to ask questions DURING THE QUESTION PERIOD.

At no time did any question or comment from the audience prevent the speaker from calling upon more questioners, or from answering their questions.

At no time did any audience member put their hands on anyone.

Visibly taking their commands from Zionist students, the police suddenly pounced on a darker-complexioned audience member, as she sat silently in her chair.

The police knocked her to the ground, threw their weight on her, twisted her arms tortuously, and arrested her. As audience members verbally expressed their panic, police physically tortured more, and arrested more, sending at least one audience member to the hospital.

Police were videotaped expressing a desire to "Nuke 'em all".

Campus Zionists used University of Michigan police to break up this peaceful anti-war vigil outside the Michigan League, November 30, 2006.

University of Michigan policy allows display of signs during campus speaker events.
This sign was displayed before the event started.

Peaceful Palestine advocate, after campus Zionists and campus police are finished with him.

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